Why the history of culture has a relationship with the laws of god

relationship with the laws of godFive  recently visited the famous Spanish philosopher Jesus Mosterín, the research department of the University of Barcelona. In one of his lectures at the University Gracias de la Vega discussed the sensitive issue of relations between man and God (“The idea of God”).

Hard to conceive that a man of thought so strong and broad and rich culture has addressed an issue of enormous size as a criterion-biased and peripheral to the taste of atheism “, in breach of several fundamental inaccuracies, to say the least.

Let us touch the measure of a newspaper article a few points short of that theme:

Included in the exclusive bag of animism cultural constellations of magic, myth and religion, which have been deployed in the last fifty thousand years without stopping to think about their specific distinctions and characteristics. Certainly can not deny that the primary scenes of human intuitions prevailing culture of the world from the strategies of animism. But we know that with the evolution anthropological categories of religiosity in the last few thousand years of cultural history, men have taken radically different spiritual dispositions.

In ascending the magic and myth in the horizon of prehistory, the prevailing emotion and the vital connection between man and the world. In magic it aims to break projectively natural forces to make them conducive to human needs. In the myth, men are identified with the current fabuladoramente dear life, creating visual and anthropomorphic deities.

Later, from about four thousand years ago, develops human-religious vocation to lead prayers to the deity. In this universe more accessible to the field of spiritual bonds. No projections are given more anthropomorphic myth. Above the emotions, passions and impulses, their way the delicate feelings of human spirituality and intuition ideals, which are unspeakable as bridges between creature and absolute being.

Another controversial aspect focuses on the relationship between religion and science. The doctor said that Mustering prerreligiosas and religious ways were created by men throughout cultural history as a resource to interpret the great “mysteries” of the world, calamities and disasters, and to procure defense mechanisms and comfort. But once we have the rational science with positive research, religion is an illusion gradually retreating futile and alienating.