Vision of childhood and cultural diversity in the construction of a new code

Cchildren and adolescents.ampaign Globalization, Childhood and Cultural and Biological Diversity, an initiative driven by the collective Diversity Regional Platform of South American organizations, with support from Terre des Hommes Germany and is the result of a process of intercultural dialogue, which attempts show cultural diversity and biodiversity as a potential present in the villages of the planet, which should take care, regeneration and retained as common property of mankind. The campaign in Bolivia, Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Chile and Argentina and is an initiative developed by the South American Regional Platform Copart TDH Germany – Diversity Collective.
We share with you the conclusions of childhood visions and cultural diversity in the construction of a new code for children and adolescents.
On April 16, 2010, in the auditorium of the ministry of justice, in the city of Lima Peru, conducted in seminar “Visions of Childhood, cultural diversity in the construction of a new code of children and adolescents.” The seminar had two panels. One first referred to the situation of social movements from childhood through adolescence and the movements of children and adolescents in Peru, followed by the approaches on the Amazonian Andean worldviews that exist on children in the country. The second panel addressed the details of the balance of the 20 years of the convention of children and adolescents.